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It is our perspective that we need a paradigm shift, thats why I wish a school that puts itself at the service of the development of mankind. To create a school that respects the development of every branch of our life, of our thoughts, and whole thrust, which actually has the same desire: to hatch and to grow. 

A different school that places people, nature and relationships at the heart of the education. A school that recognises the innate enthusiasm to learn, to become adult and autonomous, present in every human being. A school surrounded by nature and culture, established within an active and heterogeneous community. A school where we live daily to walk towards ourselves, alone and also in relation to others. A school to invent and create together the best tomorrow. A school that operates in energy and food autonomy and thus embodies sustainable development.
Lets children be free to experiment, to make mistakes, to hurt themselves, to seek, to start again, to express themselves. Free to learn what they need, guided by their own interests. Free to study the topics that fascinate them.

"A different type of Learning environment that places humanity, nature and relationships at its heart." 

"Un lieu d'apprentissages  QUI PLACE L'HUMAin,

En francais

A education that is life and is not separated from life. 

in english

Nous pensons que nous avons besoin d’un changement de paradigme, c’est pourquoi je souhaite une école qui se mette au service du développement de l’humanité. Créer une école qui respecte le développement de chaque branche de notre vie, de nos pensées et de tout ce qui nous entoure, qui a en fait le même désir: éclore et grandir.

Une école qui est la vie et n'est pas séparée de la vie.

Une école différente qui place les gens, la nature et les relations au cœur de l’éducation. Une école qui reconnaît l’enthousiasme inné d’apprendre, de devenir adulte et autonome, présente dans chaque être humain. Une école entourée de nature et de culture, établie au sein d’une communauté active et hétérogène. Une école où nous vivons quotidiennement pour marcher vers nous-mêmes, seul et aussi par rapport aux autres. Une école pour inventer et créer ensemble le meilleur demain. Une école qui opère en autonomie énergétique et alimentaire et incarne donc le développement durable.
Permet aux enfants d’être libres d’expérimenter, de faire des erreurs, de se blesser, de chercher, de recommencer, de s’exprimer. Libres pour apprendre ce dont ils ont besoin, guidés par leurs propres intérêts. Libre d'étudier les sujets qui les fascinent.

"A different type of Learning environment that places humanity, nature and relationships at its heart." 


photo credit - Delphine warin

words from aurelia the founder

"I have a dream of a more humane society, one where we are more attentive to the other, to ourselves and to the magic of life.

Creativity, Trust,  Beauty,  Cooperation,  Curiosity, Empathy,  Freedom,  Exploration,  Joy, Being open to the World.

some of what we're HERE for:

A world where there are more hands outstretched and where everyone can find their place and dare to be themselves.

Where each day we can inspire each other, help each other, support each other, listen to each other, admire each other, applaud each other, accompany each other, so that each of us can emerge and offer the best of ourselves.

The human being never ceases to amaze me. What riches you have, all of you. Do you ever consider how precious you truly are? I dream that we finally see the wonders that emanate from humanity, the creativity, ingenuity, generosity, arts, beauty and talent."

Of course, we also carry in us our vulnerability and imperfections, we are paralyzed by our fears and suffer from our wounds, we have misunderstandings, we are plagued by our doubts, our anger, our flow of emotions.

Nevertheless, at every moment, we can choose a path to more joy.

We can care. We can celebrate.

As an adult we have acquired a certain maturity and experience that allows us to give young people tools, resources, listening and a structured framework. Thus in this safe and creative environment we allow the emergence of everyone.

 En tant qu’adulte nous avons acquis une certaine maturité et de l'expérience qui nous permettent de donner aux jeunes des outils, des ressources, de l’écoute et un cadre structuré. Ainsi dans cet  environnement sécurisant et créatif nous permettons l’émergence de chacun. 

The role of adults.

As teachers we are committed to the highest standards which we have set for ourselves.

We observe, we secure, we listen, we are the embodiment of stability and we watch the child with eyes full of confidence. We accompany, we help to structure. We embody the values ​​we want to convey.    We pursue the students dreams with them, we talk about them, we share them, we take their destiny in our hands, 

We are patient and we know how to wait while the the students find their own way. Leaving the necessary time for the child to learn by themselves. We encourage through gestures, skills, knowledge, know-how.

We do not weaken the students and we do not place ourselves above them. We are aware of our own conditioning and we are always ready to go beyond

It is through all this, not just conventional hierarchy, that we strive to gain the respect of the rules and the framework of Mycelium.

Setting the highest standards.

The 'guest of the week' project has wonderful and far reaching benefits.
 By bringing world class examples from a wide range of life paths we expose the students to the very embodiment of possibility and manifested potential.
We give them examples of those who have found their passion and followed it to the highest actuality. 
The students 'guide' the guest for the day, being responsible for their experience. While another student reports the days activities for the Mycelium Journal.

Every week we bring world class people to Mycelium.

Guest of the Week

Guest of the week

Participation une heure par jour à une activité qui est nécessaire pour vivre ensemble, et notamment pour se nourrir. Il y a cinq postes : potager, cuisine, vaisselle, soins aux animaux, cafétéria et ménage (tous ensemble le vendredi). Les étudiants prennent un poste pour une semaine complète puis changent selon un roulement.
Cela valorise les étudiants (et particulièrement intéressant pendant l’adolescence) car ils se sentent responsables et considérés  et utiles au sein d’un groupe

Each day students together perform 1 of 5 tasks to help our community.

Vie Collective

La Vie collective

Throughout the rhythm of the day the Organic Tea Station is where we stop and re-connect around warm nourishing cups of herb tea. Each day we serve a different bio-tea often straight from our garden, plus a home made snack. 
The students take great care and personal responsibility for the Tea Station. 

Our 'Tea-Station' is where we stop and connect throughout the day.

Tea Station

TEa station

La médiation est le moyen utilisé dans l’école pour résoudre les conflits dans la bienveillance et le respect de chacun. Quand un étudiant ou un adulte a un problème relationnel avec quelqu’un ou plusieurs personnes, il remplit une petite fiche prévue à cet effet et la glisse dans l’urne médiation. Dans les jours qui suivent les personnes concernées seront appelées en conseil de médiation et le médiateur écoute l’une et l’autre partie selon un protocole qui amène à la résolution du conflit gagant-gagnant.

The method by which we gently resolve conflicts in Mycelium.



One of the main priorities for Mycelium is to take our message to the outside world, connecting with assosiations in Marrakesh and the wider planet. 

We foster relationships with other liberated educational establishments, as well as looking to where we can go out and make a difference in our own community.

We take part in local humanitarian actions.

Solidarity Days

solidarity days 

All our days all begin with a ten minute mindfulness session. This quiet introspective time gives both the students and teachers more clarity, focus and purpose for all the activities that follow during the rest of the day.

We have a weekly Qigong lesson. Practising this ancient Chinese moving meditation gives us another opportunity to deepen our understanding of mindfulness.

Students and Teachers practice ten minutes of mindfullness each morning. 



There are many activities and clubs running at Mycelium.
We have a coir, singing lessons and piano lessons. We are looking forward to our first concert. We play football and pingpong daily. Use the trampoline and slack line to increase our poise and balance. The computer suit is a hive of activity from music creation to programming. The stop frame animation club is constantly improving their skills and there creations never fail to amaze.

Where Students and Teachers alike can share their passions.

Singing lessons


"Free play is nature's way of teaching children that they are not helpless. In the game, far from adults, children really have the power and can practice exercising it. Children learn to make their own decisions, to solve their own problems, to create and respect rules, and to build their social skills with others in a relationship of equality rather than subordination."

Free to Learn
by Peter Gray.  


 L’espace favorise l’autonomie dans les apprentissages et les activités : les enfants ont tous accès au matériel en libre-service, ils savent où le trouver, où le remettre et selon quelles conditions ils y ont accès. 

Le bâtiment principal : un espace vivant, ouvert et convivial, où se côtoient des espaces de travail conventionnels et d’autres plus décontractés et adaptés à notre époque. La configuration de ce bâtiment offre à la fois la possibilité de travailler en groupes, en binôme ou en individuel. On y trouve :  les arts-plastiques, les sciences, la littérature, l’informatique, les langues, l’histoire-géographie, la cafétéria, le mini labo de physique-chimie, la salle de musique.

Free to choose.

The space promotes autonomy in learning and activities: children all have access to self-service equipment, they know where to find it, where to put it and under what conditions they have access.

The main building is essentially a living space, open and friendly, where conventional workspaces and other spaces are more relaxed and adapted to our times. The configuration of this building offers the possibility of working in groups, in pairs or individually. It includes: visual arts, science, literature, computer science, languages, history-geography, cafeteria, the mini lab of physics-chemistry, the music room.

Unique architecture.

Each day vegetables are collected from the garden to be prepared into the food that we eat in our canteen. It gives the opportunity for the students to be part of the food preparation process all the way from the garden to the plate.

We see with our own eyes what vegetables are in season, we see those seasons change with the months, and become in cycles of nature.
We are proud to produce along with organic vegetable produce, our own olive oil, free-range organic eggs and our own cereal crops. 

We aim to be as self sufficient as possible, our organic veg garden provides much of our food.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


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