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In a perspective of paradigm shift, Mycelium aims to put itself at the service of human development. A project that respects the development of each strand of life, thrust, thought, all of which have the same desire: that of blossoming and growing. An education that is at the heart of life and not outside of life.

Mycelium places people, nature and human relationships at the heart of its educational project. Mycelium recognizes the innate enthusiasm for learning, present in every human being. Mycelium is surrounded by nature and culture, established in an active and heterogeneous community. Here, we live daily to walk towards ourselves, alone and in meeting with others. Here, we all invent and create the best for tomorrow in a place that operates on energy and food autonomy and thus embodies sustainable development.

Let the children be free to experiment, to be wrong, to hurt themselves, to seek, to start again. Free to express what they need to learn, guided by their own interests. Free to study the subjects that fascinate them.

"An alternative project that welcomes 9-18 year-olds on a daily basis by providing resources and a structured environment to serve everyone's interests and passions.

A education that is life and is not separated from life. 

photo credit - Delphine warin

words from aurelia the founder

"I dream of a more Human society, where we are more attentive to each other, to ourselves and to the magic of life.

Supporting children and adolescents in their learning and self-knowledge, in a caring and supportive environment, in contact with nature, where everything is done to nourish and awaken the imagination, reflection, beauty, cooperation and creativity.

OUr reason for being:

A world where there are more main trends and where everyone can find a place and dare to be themselves.

Where every day, we can inspire us, help each other, support us, listen to us, admire us, applaud us, accompany us, so that each of us can emerge and offer the best of ourselves.

The human being never ceases to amaze me. What riches you all have. Have you ever thought about how truly unique you are? What if we dare to show the world who we are? Offer to the other our beauty, our creativity, our generosity and our talent. "

Freedom in the afternoon learning choices allows children to plan or not, to enjoy the environment or not, to be in a group dynamic or not.
The child is free to find his own centers of interest while having the possibility of being accompanied, advised,
sponsored, supported by teachers totally at their disposal.

In terms of supervision, there is a teacher for 6 to 8 students throughout the week.

There are also external speakers who come to animate workshops a few afternoons a week.

Mycelium believes that Man, and children in particular, are naturally good, curious, creative, cooperative, empathetic, joyful, and social.

Every morning, the children and teenagers of Mycelium have
3 periods of 50 min for lessons
fundamentals: English, French, math.

The groups are organised by level and not by age which allows everyone to develop at their own pace, without judgment or frustration.


 The fundamentals

As an adult we have acquired a certain maturity and experience that allows us to give young people tools, resources, listening and a structured framework. Thus in this safe and creative environment we allow the emergence of everyone.


Time for yourself

This is evident in our educational project because it allows children to take responsibility, to get involved, and to be fully involved in their education. They put themselves at the service of Mycelium by providing proposals and solutions adapted to their needs. They intuitively know how to demonstrate justice, common sense and innovation.

The rules of life and security, as well as the proposals related to the functioning and the life of the daily life as a whole are discussed and voted each week during the Council of the Mycelium Association.

The management of Mycelium operates according to a principle of participative democracy.

We welcome a person who comes to exchange with us by sharing their profession, their passion and an important experience that marked their life path.
Photographer, architect, naturopath, film director, artist, adventurer, doctor, general pilot, yoga teacher, reflexology, gardener, landscaper, designer, make-up artist, NGO founder, etc.
This event is also an opportunity for our young people to be a guide, journalist or photographer for a day. An article on the guest is then written and published in our journal.

Every week we bring world class people to Mycelium.

Guest of the Week

Guest of the week

Each day, at the beginning of the afternoon, we all take part in the daily tasks and in the life of the collective: storage, cleaning, cleaning, plant irrigation, sorting of bins, caring for animals, inventory and maintenance of equipment.
This time dedicated daily is a strong act in our pedagogy because we want to educate to take care of everything we have and value these tasks. We want, together, to move towards a mode of

We are responsible for the order and beauty of our environment.

Vie Collective

La Vie collective

One of the main priorities for Mycelium is to take our message to the outside world, connecting with assosiations in Marrakesh and the wider planet. 

We foster relationships with other liberated educational establishments, as well as looking to where we can go out and make a difference in our own community.

We take part in local humanitarian actions.

Solidarity Days

solidarity days 

All our days all begin with a ten minute mindfulness session. This quiet introspective time gives both the students and teachers more clarity, focus and purpose for all the activities that follow during the rest of the day.

We have a weekly Qigong lesson. Practising this ancient Chinese moving meditation gives us another opportunity to deepen our understanding of mindfulness.

Students and teachers practice ten minutes of mindfulness each morning. 



Every Thursday from 4.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. we organize a small organic coffee and sell a pastry or homemade pancakes, tea, infusion, juice.
We also offer a small market stand with vegetables and aromatic herbs from the vegetable patch, olive oil and our various flours.

Young people and voluntary workers participate in the management of this convivial moment, open to families and other people wishing to discover our project.

 Another opportunity for young people to practice a real profession and to be waiters, cashiers, merchants, cooks.

Come and meet us.



Mycelium is located in the heart of an 8-hectare organic nursery unique to Morocco. There is an above-ground production of hundreds of varieties of ornamental plants, full-soil crops, many of which are in permaculture, greenhouses, vermicompost production, an aquaponics basin, olive trees, a grain field, orchards and vegetable plots.


The main building of the project is an open, lively and up-to-date space, where study spaces and other more convivial spaces coexist. The configuration of this building offers both the possibility of working in a group, in pairs or individually.
We find there :
a plastic arts space
a computer space
a scientific laboratory
a creation workshop around textiles and jewelry
a video library and music room
the plain, our gathering place
the tea station, for moments of break

Unique architecture.

The Factory dedicated to carpentry, DIY, welding, robotics; an important space and tools for carrying out projects, to manipulate and do it yourself.

A recycling space,

The veranda, place of restoration of the members, but also place of life and meetings open to parents and guests.

Outside: sports fields, trampoline, playground, huts, free play.

Besides the main building, Mycelium also offers many spaces such as:

Every day, the vegetables are harvested from the garden and then used and cooked for the vegetarian meals served in our canteen.

We also have the organic eggs from our hens raised outdoors and the milk from our cow. We transform milk into cream cheese to enhance our recipes.
We also harvest the fruit in the orchards surrounding the main building, produce our own olive oil and grow our cereals.
The pupils thus see what seasonal vegetables are, at what period of the harvests and thus integrate, by living it throughout the year, the cycles of nature.

We aim to be as independent as possible thanks to our organic vegetable garden and our mini farm.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


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